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Sopranos Complete Blu-ray

Sopranos Blu-ray

Compare prices & pre-order The Sopranos Complete Blu-ray Collection

With a release date of the 8th of September this is the long awaited Sopranos Blu-ray release of every episode in high definition.

28 discs including a feature packed disc of extras await. One of the best TV series ever.

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray Box Set

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray

All six Star Wars movies now in high definition blu-ray for the first time. Nine discs & over 30 hours of extras.

James Bond Blu-ray Complete

Bond Blu-ray Collection

22 Bond films in high definition blu-ray for the first time ever as well as a whopping 130 hours of extras too.

Friends Blu-ray

Friends Series 1-10 Blu-ray

All 10 seasons of the landmark sitcom finally arrives on Blu-ray. Includes 20 hours of extras & doc.

Heroes Blu-ray Box Sets

Heroes Complete Blu-ray

The complete series of Heroes in an 18 disc blu-ray box set. Compare prices for Heroes Season 1-4 above.

Lost Blu-ray Box Sets

Lost Complete Blu-ray

Every episode ever of from Seasons 1-6 of Lost are released in this high definition complete Bluray boxset.

Battlestar Galactica Complete Series Blu-ray Box Set

Battlestar Galactica Blu-ray

The Battlestar Galactica complete series Bluray boxset is a must have for sci-fi fans across the universe.

Bourne Blu-ray Collection

Bourne 1-3 Ultimate Blu-ray

The Ultimate Bourne Collection Blu-ray Box Set includes all 3 Bourne films in 1080p with full surround mix.

Doctor Who Series 5 Blu-ray Box Set

Dr Who Series 6 Blu-ray

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan star in this 6 disc blu-ray limited edition. Also available in a regular box set.

Star Trek Movies Blu-ray Box Set

Star Trek Movie Collection

The first 6 Star Trek feature films in high definition Blu-ray with exclusive 'The Captain's Summit' documentary.

Planet Earth Blu-ray Box Set

Planet Earth Blu-ray Box Set

Sir David Attenborough's complete BBC Series of Planet Earth. This is exactly what blu-ray was made for.

Band of Brothers Blu-ray Box Sets

Band of Brothers Blu-ray

The complete HBO series from Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg hits Blu-ray.

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray Box Set

Star Wars Saga Blu-ray

All six Star Wars movies now in high definition blu-ray for the first time. Nine discs & over 30 hours of extras.

Harry Potter Blu-ray Box Set

Harry Potter 1-8 Complete

Complete Collection of the Harry Potter Films in high definition blu-ray. Also available in limited edition set.

Matrix Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set

Complete Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions. A visual feast in Blu-ray and packed with extras too.

Star Trek Series 1 Blu-ray Box Set

Star Trek Original Series 1

Completely remastered for blu-ray captain James T. Kirk leads the U.S.S. Enterprise into HD orbit.

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With DVD prices dropping quicker than they ever have Blu-ray prices are starting to follow suit.

We're starting to see some Blu-rays released at under £10 and bluray box sets at a comparitive price to their DVD alternatives.

This is good news for collector's of BD discs aiming to build a library of favourite films and TV series in superior high definition quality. With Blu-ray we're close to seeing true 'home cinema' at a realistic price.

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The Blu-ray Format

Blu-ray discs, sometimes referred to as BD discs are designed by Sony to play high definition video, games and store up to 50GB of data per disc.

Check out the Blu-ray FAQ page at the official Blu-ray website for comprehensive answers to all your Blu-ray questions.

The demand for Blu-ray continues to grow so expect a rapidly growing catalogue of titles as well as better, more affordable Blu-ray players in the months ahead.